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Tile industry as one of the most successful industries in the country, plays a key role in the creation of value added and employment stability. Therefore any assistance can cause to improve the country’s national interest in order to improve the employment conditions, production and value added.We are connected to each other. When a family is financially stable and a society is healthy and dynamic,we all are winner. This sacred goal can unify to establish more stepsandcognition the causes of the problems for creating long-term changing. The bright future, lots of families who are living in this way, the powerful industry, the honorable expert; these aren’t possible exceptwith combination of art, the perfect design, andthe high quality production. Because of this, the Kavir Ceram Parsian trading Company as a supplier of high quality raw material, supply and installation tile production linemachines, spare parts, ink and color,making tile designs from Italy and Spain countries and high quality domestic designing (360 and 400DPI) depend on internal and Export market for countries such as Armenia, Georgia, Tajikistan, Afghanistan and African countries and … and extensive researches on the market began to start a successful sale. A good counseling, the presence of experts in your production line, make new and updates technologies in this industry and raising value-added products all are very important for our group. We are trying to prepare the best for our customers;Products are currently used by more than 90 companies and factories. Experienced and professional staff and main offices of Kavir Ceram Parsian in Italy, Spain and China are equipped with the latest information aboutCeramic Industry.

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